One of the most common tasks of electrical work is wiring installation. The availability and correct operation of wiring makes possible providing power to different buildings and all facilities within them, including apartment blocks, industrial and other specialized areas. The company “Stroy-Garant Invest” and its qualified specialists offer services of development both outdoor and indoor wiring. Types of wiring

All wiring can be divided into two types – field or outdoor wiring – needed to connect the buildings and structures to electric generating stations, and indoor or interior wiring – needed for energy supply in apartments and accommodations. Outdoor wiring is usually laid on special supports and walls, and the interior can be hidden and open. The latter is recommended for electrification of facilities and buildings made of wood, making it easy to access the wires. Flush mounting requires wall chasing and wiring under the finish materials – plaster, wallpapers, etc. In this case the access to the wiring is hindered, but this is compensated by safety and aesthetic surface appearance.

Why wire installation is best left to professionals?

Works on the electrification of apartments and other premises, or even the whole building power supply cannot be compared with simple bulb replacement. This works require participation of professionals with certain electrical safety group. The correctness of their implementation influences not only the efficiency of electrical appliances and equipment operation, but also on the safety of tenants or employees. Therefore, wire installation is the responsible, difficult work which requires specialized knowledge. To perform it well, the following parameters should be taken into account and correctly identified:
• Total power consumption of the facility;
• Type and class of cables required;
• The order of works’ execution, ensure correct placement and quantity of boxes with connecting wires, etc.
Experienced specialists of “Stroy-Garant Invest” Company will perform wiring at any type of objects, ensuring reliability, safety and work efficiency of lighting systems and electrical equipment in different types of buildings. We guarantee an individual approach, promptness, high quality and attractive prices.