The company “Stroy Garant Invest” leases backhoe loader JCB’s (model 3CX), dump truck, crane and other machinery.

Backhoe Loader – a high-class machine with excellent performance, which will allow the customer to solve a wide range of construction, installation and production tasks. Excellent load capacity, maneuverability, compact size, ease of management, flawless operation and favorable lease terms – are the main reasons to use our services.

What can you do with this excavator?аренда экскаватора jcb

1.Backhoe Loader JCB 3CX – a universal assistant for a variety of construction, assembly and conveying tasks. Here are some of them:

excavation works of various kinds, including pulling the trenches;
loading and rapid transfer of loose materials – sand, gravel, coal, soil on board a dump truck and other commercial vehicles;
dumping trees, embankments, work bulldozer mode;
transportation of goods in the capture or the ladle;
alignment areas, partial replacement of the grader;
surgical removal and / or elimination of the consequences of various accidents and incidents.
The main features of the proposed rental of equipment

Excavator JCB 3CX – this productive machine, completed various removable buckets and other attachments. Strengths of the equipment includes:

Excellent maneuverability and compact size that allows efficient use of the machine in a confined space.
Powerful hydraulic system and an excellent load capacity.
The high efficiency and flawless performance, confirmed by a reputable manufacturer – durability, reliability and dependability.
Comfort for the operator in the process of exploitation and performing any work operations.samosval-howo

2.Tipper – a modern truck with the function of self discharge, which is used for transporting bulk or loose goods (removal of soil from the pit, his movement within the facility, dumping areas, roads, playgrounds, delivery of bulk materials, construction waste removal, etc.) . Each of these works has its own peculiarities and requires a professional approach and technical capabilities for its successful implementation. Tipper is an indispensable vehicle for various construction and industrial facilities, as well as in many other cases where there is a need to quickly carry a certain type of cargo.

Rental truck has a number of distinct advantages. When choosing a car rental you need not worry about where to leave it for storage until the next use. Thus, it eliminates the extra hassle and allows you to save finances.


3.The crane is considered to be a universal and economical machine, because it can replace just two cars – crane and truck, as well as the capacity to cope with the loading and transportation of heavy, bulky, lumpy and granular goods. LLC “Stroy Garant-Invest” provides cargo crane in the city of Kiev and the region.kran-manipulyator
You can order a crane as a single job of transporting bulky cargo or delivery of building materials and rent for long term, it would be much more profitable than to do the work pieces.
Ordering a crane You do not require additional equipment. Your work will be done professionally, quickly and efficiently, as well as you can save your time and money.

Price delivery services and rental equipment negotiated individually with the client. We are interested in a transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation, so we register all the details in the lease – terms, price, operating conditions, etc. Regular customers can count on additional discounts when renting or receive other benefits in the order of various services of our company.