LLC “Stroy-Garant Invest” offers development and installation of electric distribution cabinets according to individual and standard circuits. For their products we use certified components from the leading manufacturers, guarantee high build quality and uninterrupted performance of all functions. Cooperation with us involves an individual approach, impeccable professionalism, mutually beneficial working conditions, flexible pricing, and always – effective solution of the set tasks!

What the electrical cabinet is?

Electric cabinet or Electrotechnical Box (same as electrical distribution box – EDB) is an essential equipment for modern power grids. Here is located the control panel of power system (control switch), various equipment of electric power supply: contact elements, servers, current supplies, etc. The main purpose of such equipment is to ensure access to the system itself, and to control, management and distribution of electricity.

Externally it is usually a metal box, in a variety of sizes and internal structure, the door with a lock, a special frame, on which is located electrical equipment and protective panels covering electric wires and distribution elements.

Functions of EDB:

distribution and accounting of energy resources;
input of 3-phase and / or 1c-phase electrical power network;
protection against electrical leak and overload;
automatic shutdown in case of an accident.
Types of electrical cabinets

In the area of energy supply today are used various modifications and types of EDB; the purpose of their use are also diverse. The main differences mainly relate to the size, methods of installation (floor, table, suspension, etc.), materials of construction and internal structure. Additional variations of such equipment are brought by separate elements, for example, various locks that affect the security level and allow to effectively control access to the electricity grid.

“Stroy-Garant Invest” company performs design and professional installation of electrical cabinets in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. Our qualified and experienced staff will fulfill all customer’s requirements in accordance with acting regulations and safety rules, which will allow not only to create efficient equipment to monitor and control power grids, but also to establish smooth and reliable operation of the facility as a whole!