8f25dac589c24bfbe01ed03d66ccd2acThe company “Stroy Garant Invest” has its own laboratory with certified equipment, which allows for a variety of electro. With their help, you can check the current status of electric systems, their compliance with fire and electrical safety, to diagnose various problems that require surgical removal. On the basis of the work done, you can identify the different defects in electric systems, to decide on the necessity and feasibility of repair.

Why spend electro?

The main purpose of testing networks and equipment – is the control of their current status. Thus, they can be used:
• check compliance with safety requirements;
• identify any shortcomings and problems in the work;
• Assess the current state of power grids;
• decide on the necessary repairs.

Who needs electro?MEK4

Services Laboratory electrical demand of different customers. It’s like the tenants of apartments or town houses, as well as owners of residential, industrial and commercial premises and objects.
Electromagnetic needed:
• at various enterprises and organizations as periodic inspection and preparation for supervision;
• After wiring is complete – for testing and commissioning works;
• on any objects (both residential and non-residential) in order to prevent accidents, the timely detection of any defects (problems with old wiring, etc.) to determine the feasibility of repair.

A report on the results

The specialists of “Stroy Garant-Invest” on the basis of conducted electrical measurements constitute a technical report, which includes:

• a title page indicating the customer’s data, laboratory test of the time;
• an explanatory note and protocols;
• licensed laboratory and data on its registration.

If you need to prepare for the planned inspection of supervisory authorities or to ensure serviceability of networks and protect them from unforeseen emergencies, to make an informed decision on the need and feasibility of repair work, then order the carrying out of electrical measurements in our company. Our vast experience, qualified personnel and modern certified laboratory will allow them to perform efficiently, quickly and efficiently!