The same way as the quality of construction works primarily depends on the materials used, the visual attractiveness and presentable appearance of the object depends mainly on the facade. It not only accentuates the unique design of a building or structure, but also represents its owner (construction customer). That’s why to facades are imposed strict requirements, both in terms of aesthetics and performance characteristics. The company “Stroy-Garant Invest” offers installation services of facades using a variety of advanced materials and innovative technologies. Our experienced staff will help to choose upon the variety of modern solutions, and will efficiently execute facade works of any complexity at any objects of different purposes.

Not only esthetics, but also functionality

Facade is a front side of the building; its task is not only to decorate, but also to make it stand out from many other buildings. It has to be beautiful and attractive, as well as functional. Its mission is to ensure harmonious combination with the surrounding landscape, other elements of the construction site and territories, as well as to perform important functional tasks – to protect walls, to promote durability and heat retention, has to be resistant to mechanical impact, temperature drops, wind pressure, and exposure to precipitation, etc.

Therefore, during development process of facade characteristics the responsible approach is necessary, which presumes serious preparation work at the stage of engineering design. It is necessary to ensure the compatibility of all used materials, their aesthetic harmony with maximum functionality.
Facade materials

The development of building technology and the variety of materials available in the market make it possible to offer diverse facades appearance and functional characteristics for various objects. Today, facades can be made of the following materials:

plastering materials
ceramic granite
composite panels
siding – metal, basement, vinyl
as well as plates, drop siding, blockhouses, a variety of small-piece products, etc.
LLC “Stroy-Garant Invest” guarantees a comprehensive approach to the engineering design, development and installation of facades in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. Our experts will provide you with not only beautiful and well-finished construction, but also the benefits of functional criteria of lasting quality and durability, along with economy on heating.