LLC “Stroy-Garant Invest” provides full cycle of welding works, from selection of materials, their purchase and delivery to the object to the implementation of welding quality control. Our advantages include using only modern branded welding equipment and only quality and tested welding consumables; reasonable prices and a willingness to perform works of various levels of difficulty. We always respond promptly to the customer’s requests and give long-term warranty on our work.

Types of services

Welding works at industrial sites:
– Welding of overlaps
– Welding of elevator shafts
– Welding frames
– Welding columns
– Welding of stairways
– Strengthening of walls, openings/arches, etc.

Welding works in a private house:
– Welding fences
– Welding gates
– Welding awnings
– Welding of staircases
– Welding of the roof
– Welding of floor decks, etc.

Welding works in the apartment:
– Welding work on the balcony overhanging
– Welding openings/arches
– Strengthening of floor decks, etc.

Currently, are used various types of welding. Among them are three main directions:

Thermal (cad) welding – the use of thermal energy to melt the connected elements. It includes:

– Arc (spark) welding – the use of electric arc for heating and melting surfaces
– Gas welding – the use of the gas flame
– Electroslag (slag) welding – melting using the heat of the electric current.

Thermomechanical welding – the use of heat and pressure. This type includes:

– Resistance (butt/contact) welding – the use of electric current with pressure
– Diffusion welding – applying pressure at elevated temperature at which occurs atomic diffusion and plastic deformation. To this type can also be attributed pressure gas welding, slag pressure welding and other types of welding works.

Percussive (hammer) welding – the use of mechanical energy and pressure. It includes:

– Cold welding – work by pressure with plastic deformation without use of heating
– Explosion welding – work by pressure at which the explosion is used to connect the surfaces
– Ultrasonic welding- works under pressure using ultrasonic vibration
– Spin (friction) welding – the heat is generated as a consequence of the friction of the surfaces.

The most popular and safe welding works are considered argon arc welding and manual arc welding. The simplest method of welding, according to the certified welding specialists, is gas welding, which is used to repair items made of cast-iron, non-ferrous metals, fusible metals and so on.

Qualified specialists of LLC “Stroy-Garant Invest” will perform any kind of welding works at shortest time possible, give long-term guarantee of quality and all that – at affordable prices.