Installation of lightning protection systems at buildings and structures is one of the most frequently requested services of the company “Stroy-Garant Invest.” It includes a complex of activities, the main task of which additional protection of buildings, people, property and equipment from the adverse impacts of such natural element as lightning strike. We have a staff of skilled professionals, possess extensive experience in the area of lightning protection and have an excellent reputation in the electricity power supply market. We also guarantee a professional approach and reasonable prices for our customers.

What it gives, and why is actual?

Protection against lightning and the need for its prevaporization is an actual need of the majority of buildings, structures and facilities. Thus, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine, 15% of all fires occur due to lightning. It becomes the cause of death of hundreds of people and material damage of 1 billion UAH per year. That is why the design, development and installation of special devices – lightning rod and lightning discharger, as well as other constructive elements is such a popular service for many facilities of residential, industrial, social, commercial and storage purposes.

The main task of a lightning protection system is to protect the object from a direct lightning strike and to prevent accidents due to power line surges.

What are we doing?

Our experts propose the creation of lightning protection systems. This complex of works includes:

creation of a working project with the required elements of lightning protection – lightning receiver, down conductor, ground plate;
selection and delivery of the necessary materials and equipment;
installation of the system with implementation of the necessary works at height and excavation works;
conducting electrical measurements and start-up and commissioning works;
preparation of documentation – reporting and completion.
Depending on the scope of use, the devices are external (to protect buildings from direct strikes) and internal (to protect electrical equipment from overvoltage). Also lightning protection systems are of different types – they are divided into active and passive. The choice of device depends on the type of task, type of building and equipment that need to be protected.
Use the services of our experienced, qualified professionals in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. They will help you to choose the right type of lightning protection system, will prepare a draft project and install the system at the facility efficiently, quickly and affordably!