LLC “Stroy Garant-Invest” offers a full range of construction services. We are engaged in both the design and initial calculations needed for all subsequent works, and direct construction of objects of any complexity, even for finishing and installation of communications. We guarantee the quality of the reference, take on sole responsibility for compliance with all requirements and deadlines.

A wide range of services in the construction industry

Our company is engaged not only in construction of objects of different complexity, but also offers a comprehensive approach to the construction work, which involves the provision of essential services such as:

planning and budgeting;
arrangement of the construction site and performing the necessary excavations;
manufacture and installation of steel structures;
High-rise building;
various roofing and facade work;
furnish and repair, laying communications;
power supply;
commissioning works;
quality control of the execution of all construction processes;
provision of general contractor;
Our main advantages

Sole responsibility. We and we alone are responsible to the customer for all construction contracts, on the one hand stimulates a qualitative fulfillment of orders, and on the other – makes it easier for the customer interaction.
Own staff of qualified professionals. This allows you to effectively perform any work as civil and highly specialized.
Professional approach – quality control, the use of modern materials and technologies, the provision of guarantees to the customer that has a positive impact on the results obtained, generates trust and facilitates long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.
Minimum timing of any construction work;
Transparent terms of cooperation and flexible pricing. Already at the first stage of interaction with the customer, we conclude a contract, which specifies all the highlights – dates, prices and conditions of delivery of the object, etc.
If you need a professional, efficient, affordable construction in Kiev and Ukraine in general, feel free to choose the services of the company “Stroy Garant Invest”!