One of the additional activities of OOO “Stroy Garant-Invest” is the production and installation of grounding devices. Their main purpose is reduced to the compound of the metallic elements of electrical ground. This element is mandatory for any installation – the device or apparatus with a capacity of more than 1 kV. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of electricity, including the design, creation and installation of a variety of grounding devices at the facilities of any purpose, both residential and industrial.

What is it and what is used for?

In fact, the earthing device – a steel rod, tube or corner, which represent a set of conductors and earthing. The latter is in contact with the ground and connected to the metal electrical elements. In the event of damage to the insulation of wires, circuit or breakdown current will prompt drainage of current through the device to the ground, there is an operation of protective relays.

The main purpose – to ensure electrical safety for the protection of people and property from electric shock.

Varieties of grounding devices

Classification of devices used for earthing electrical equipment and instruments, is quite extensive. By placement of settings, they are contoured (placed next to or around the equipment), remote – are located at a distance from a ground objects. Also different earthing device for functional purposes:

work (intended to ensure the proper functioning of the electrical equipment in all conditions, including when voltage drops, etc.);
protective (needed to protect people from electric shock in case of fault or breakdown);
lightning (used for grounding lightning protection systems).
Sometimes the workers and the safety devices are combined into one group.

The company “Stroy Garant Invest” specializes in the installation of the workers, safety and lightning protection devices in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. We also set multifunctional grounding elements that can provide all kinds of electrical protection. After installation, we perform complex commissioning and electrical measurements, providing the necessary documentation, carry out the installation of quality control.