All work in the field of electric power supply involves preparation of large set of documents with subsequent submission and approval with corresponding state authorities. If you want to be a time and money saver, choose the services of our company. We will prepare for you all the necessary documentation, will properly arrange and submit it to the state authorities, get it approved, gain all regulatory approvals and this all will be performed in the shortest possible time.

Set of documents for individuals

Preparation of documentation is necessary to both companies and individuals. One of the most common and popular tasks of the latter is preparation of the Project of residential properties’ electrification. In this case, as a rule, the following documents are required:

• Ownership rights for real estate and land
• Developed Plan to connect power grids
• Certificate indicating the volume of capacity, allocated for the facility.

Documentation for business needs

Companies and various organizations frequently encounter the need of preparation and legalization of documentation, including that for the purpose of electric power supply. There the list of required documents for approval and permitting is really extensive. It includes an Order for the appointment of the Head or Director, the Plan to connect all the metering devices, the Certificate of Delineation of Balance Sheet Attribution. If the wiring is planned, it is also necessary to have in hand Certificates for covered-up works, Act of acceptance, etc.

Promptness and convenience – with professionals
Not have the time or desire to go to different state institutions of supervision and control, to wait in lines, to bring missing documents and adjust to meet the requirements not properly executed documents? The specialists of “Stroy-Garant Invest” will perform this routine and unpleasant job for you. Our experience in the preparation of technical documentation, knowledge of all the relevant rules and requirements of registration, lean business processes will not only save you energy, time, and nerves, but even money!