One of the activities of “Stroy-Garant Invest” is manufacturing and installation of metal structures at various construction sites in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. High professionalism of our staff, quality technical equipment and the use of modern technology allows us to perform the tasks of any complexity, depending on the individual needs of the client. We not only design and manufacture high-quality metal structures, but also provide their installation at the site, including the service of dismounting of the existing ones.

What is it?

Metal structures is the common name of items, made of metals and composites. They are an integral part and the foundation of most construction objects – buildings and structures. The most important role in the modern construction plays the proper design and quality production of metal structures which ensures their durability, shape accuracy and other functional characteristics, as well as competent installation in compliance with construction codes and quality standards. Therefore, the production and installation of structural units requires a professional approach, high qualification, extensive practical experience and knowledge.

Requirements for metal constructions
Metal structures is the foundation of any construction project. Their designing process requires accurate calculations, which allow avoiding deformation, cracks or destruction. Also, the requirements of modern construction market include durability, robustness, lightweight, transportability and easiness of installation of structural units.

What we offer:

Standard and individual design of metal structures of any complexity for the construction of various construction projects
Production using modern materials
Installation, and if necessary, dismounting of old metal structures.
The professionals of the company “Stroy-Garant Invest” will calculate the load on the metal structures, prepare a project with drafts and technical drawings, produce and execute its quality installation in compliance with all rules, regulations and standards. You will receive reliable result in the shortest time.