In the field of modern construction are used in-situ concrete slabs. Their main advantages are reliability, durability, resistance to external influences, the possibility of quick construction, relative ease of exploitation (the construction work can be performed without cranes), as well as reasonable price. Our company provides services of monolithic construction/cast-in-place construction in the shortest possible time in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

Specific features and aspects of use

Concrete reinforced structures are essential material, consisting of steel and concrete, without which modern construction cannot be imagined. Depending on how they are produced concrete structures can be either precast construction or cast-in-place structure (monolithic). First type is manufactured in factories and delivered as a finished product to a construction site, while the second type is performed directly at the object. Using the latter one can build in a short time various-storied and shaped buildings, and provide them with an attractive appearance by decorating facade with finish.

Construction using a monolithic reinforced concrete structures is particularly in demand at dense urban areas, where usage of tower cranes is problematic. The construction process in this case involves such stages as:

Construction of ferro-concrete frame (reinforced) and formwork (selection and installation frame, tunnel and beam formwork)
Сoncrete casting
Curing of the hardening concrete and subsequent removal of casings.
Benefits of using monolithic reinforced concrete structures:

High level of strength and absence of joints (which improves the heat- and acoustic insulation)
The possibility of giving all shapes (casting) and sizes, which is an excellent solution for the operative construction of buildings and structures
Excellent performance parameters – reliability, durability, resistance to corrosion processes and the negative impacts of natural environment
Relative accessibility and ease of use – no need to use complex equipment.
Specialists of LLC “Stroy-Garant Invest” offer the full range of monolithic construction work. We guarantee a qualified and professional performance of all types of concrete works, the choice of the most appropriate type of formwork for a specific type of construction, and timely commissioning of a facility.