ly-1LLC “Stroy Garant-Invest” offers a range of works on the development and implementation of automation systems, electrical networks, including automated systems of electric power metering (AMR) and installation of local data acquisition and processing equipment (LOSOD) at various sites. Our experts have extensive experience in this field, which will provide a high quality, reliability and efficiency of power grids, and extreme precision, as well as a competent account of electricity consumption.

What gives the automation system?

Automation of electric systems, including the introduction of metering allows you to monitor the power consumption of its formation, to respond quickly to changing workloads, minimize losses and provide energy savings.

AMR Purpose:

• collection and storage of data on the supply and consumption of electricity;
• Precise measurement of all parameters of energy consumption;
• receiving information from all measuring points;
• Convenient control of parish and power consumption, management computing equipment;
• take into account any loss of energy.

Benefits of implementation:

1. The maximum accurate data on power consumption and adherence to the required operating conditions.
2. The growth of the quality of electricity metering, to obtain reliable information on the consumption and supply.
3. Quality control, the ability to save and reduce losses (which allows you to recoup the cost).
4. Prompt provision of electrical work data, obtaining accounting information in a convenient form, up to a mailing by SMS.

As we implement the automation system?

The company “Garant Invest Stroy” offers services in automation networks and takes orders for the installation of AMR in all cities of Ukraine. The process of implementing these systems takes place in several stages:

1. Preparation of the automation project.
2. Installation of AMR and installation of special equipment – LOSOD.
3. Setting up, testing and diagnostics of the system and equipment.
AMR 4. Start a test, and then commercial operation.

Our experts have extensive experience in the development of electric automation projects. For each customer, we propose the creation of an individual project and setting up the equipment for the purpose and specifics of his organization guarantee a high professionalism, efficiency and favorable conditions of cooperation.